TurkeyTNP Turkeys

Always free to express their natural behaviour

Our birds’ welfare is our first priority. It is the reason TNP free range turkeys are grown to RSPCA assured standards in habitat that, wherever possible, simulates their original, wild environment in the Americas – mixed woodland interspersed with wide, open spaces.

Some TNP turkeys are also grown in dedicated pastureland, where they spend long, leisurely periods searching for bugs and berries, and expressing their natural behaviour in numerous other ways.

Turkeys in woodland

Throughout the day – as with all our free range birds – they come and go as they please, entering their light, airy buildings for feed and water as and when they wish.

Turkey playing indoorsSuch care repays us generously in terms of quality and flavour.

So, not surprisingly, we are keen to enhance our turkeys’ quality of life – from providing accommodation with an abundance of natural light (which encourages them to express their natural behaviour indoors as well as out) to enriching their environment with straw bales, perches, lengths of string and plastic milk bottles to peck at and play with.

The wonderful results are plain to see – and taste.

Traditional and rare-breed turkeys

TurkeyOur traditional Norfolk Black and Norfolk Bronze turkeys are renowned for their succulent meat and gamey flavour. Slow growing, they enjoy a cereal-based diet supplemented by insects, grubs and berries devoured during foraging excursions.

Our rare-breed turkeys – TNP is helping preserve many breeds by farming them on a commercial scale to supply our retail customers – including Bourbon Red, Slate Grey and Narragansett. All these birds, brought to this country from the Americas some hundreds of years ago, retain their original characteristics and provide the consumer with a true taste from the past.

Turkeys in the fields

Farming systems meet customers’ needs

Turkeys have different flavours and eating characteristics, and come in several different shapes and sizes. At TNP we produce a complete range – from black and bronze birds to rare breeds – and tailor-make farming systems to meet our customers’ specific requirements.