Our dedicated management team

There is little doubt TNP would not be in the fortunate position it is today without the dedication and hard work of its management team and staff – a workforce that frequently doubles in size during busy times.

Among those with responsibility for our continued success are:


Andy Holt (Sales and Account Manager)

Andy has been with TNP for over eight years and is responsible for the management and improvement of sales and customer accounts.

As part of our Senior Management Team, he advises on company goals, objectives, procedures and supply chain.

Andy is especially interested in understanding how different customers work, meeting contacts, gaining new business through hard work and developing good customer relations.

When not working he enjoys fishing and running marathons!

Julie Eccleston (Business Development Manager)

Julie’s role is to put TNP’s speciality poultry products before potential customers and, at the same time, explain the company’s excellent farming practices.

She says she likes ‘having a portfolio of products that I genuinely believe are fantastic, and going into a store or seeing a restaurant menu and knowing that I helped put them there.’

She adds: ‘I have a lot of variety in my role which keeps the challenges fresh and exciting.’

Julie has been with the company for over twelve years. Her recreational interests include cooking, keeping fit in the gym and shopping!


Steve Allen (Technical Manager)

As part of the companies Senior Management Team, Steve’s role is to maintain the company’s technical standards at the highest possible level and to keep customers aware of the company’s high-standards policy.

Steve has spent his entire career working with poultry and has a wealth of experience in both primal and added value production. Moreover, he has experience of working with all the major retailers and is well versed in the technical working practices they employ.


Jim Lambert (Head of Agriculture)

Jim has recently joined TNP as our Agricultural Manager and brings with him over 25 years of experience within the industry.

Jim heads up everything Agricultural and enjoys the diverse challenges that come his way.

Having joined TNP, Jim is excited to be involved in a business with such a strong ethos regarding higher welfare standards, Jim says “it is important we lead the industry rather than follow it”.

Jane Codling (Poultry Welfare Officer)

Jane Codling

Jane implements and  monitors the company’s high animal welfare standards –and is responsible for all the internal farm audits carried out on a weekly basis – Jane also keeps a video diary of all the farms.

She is impressed by the different types of farming systems TNP operates, and enjoys watching the birds as they range happily in the woods planted by the company. Jane loves animals and the outdoor life.


Inga Garner (Factory Manager)

Inga GarnerInga runs the factory and is responsible for its production and staff.

With her team of quality assurance staff and management assistants – Luda Grincenk and Ramunus Akranglis – she produces all the products TNP customers order, and ensures the factory operates efficiently and to the highest standards required by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Inga has been with the Company for eleven years and in her spare time enjoys horse racing and the odd spot of shopping!


Mark Reynolds (Procurement Manager)

Mark, who joined TNP in 2009, buys a variety of products and services for the company, including retail products, engineering parts for production, building materials and consumables for the farms.

He is also in charge of the company’s logistics, ensuring our customers’ orders are delivered on time – every time.

Mark says he likes the variety of challenges and fast pace his job provides – which could be one reason he also enjoys badminton!