TNP – establishing specialist breeds and preserving Britain’s rare-breed heritage

TNP devotes a great deal of its resources to establishing specialist poultry breeds and helping safeguard the country’s rare breeds. In addition, we run regular feed trials to explore ways we can improve the quality of the birds we produce.  It is our way of ‘putting something back.’


TNP aims continuously to establish specialist and rare poultry breeds as a popular choice – in the process giving our customers something with tremendous provenance – and setting new market trends.

Among the many specialist chicken breeds we have worked with are Norfolk Speckled and Black Tails.

Over the years, we have also grown and developed a number of rare-breed turkeys – Bourbon Red, Slate Greys and Narragansett. These beautiful birds – all of which originated in the Americas – retain their original characteristics and flavour.

Research and development

During frequent visits to our Continental neighbours, we have taken the opportunity to study various growing methods, including the renowned Poulet de Bresse and Label Rouge systems. Using some of the best aspects of both approaches, we carry out our own trials to improve overall welfare and quality.

Free range chickens and turkeys to meet your needs – precisely

TNP has earned an enviable reputation for developing free range chickens and turkeys to meet customers’ specific requirements. (Our Bourbon Gold turkey, developed for a leading supermarket, is a good example).

To discuss your specific poultry requirements, please contact us.