Norfolk Black Chicken

The Norfolk Black Chicken is a brand new chicken that has been exclusively bred by us at tnp. On the back of the success of the Norfolk Black Turkey we thought it would be fantastic if we could have a Norfolk Black Chicken with the same prestigious quality attributes as the turkey.

We set out to create something new and exciting in the market that would raise the bar for all other poultry production.

The main criteria for this new breed was to have black feathers, excellent conformation, to be a good ranging bird with high welfare characteristics and above all else to taste incredible with fantastically moist and succulent meat.

This new breed of chicken is the result of years of research and development and is only available from tnp.

Our own special breeder flocks lay the eggs that we then hatch out to provide us with the day old chicks which are then placed onto our own growing farms.

The Norfolk Black Chicken soon develops its unique black plumage and black legs that really sets it apart from all other chickens and at a very early age they are let out to range to help the bird develop its incredible flavour.