Our lovely ladies enjoying the autumn sunshine!

Great to see how our girls have settled in so quickly, loving the freedom to scratch at the soil and dust bathe just as they would in the wild.

Awarding our team

Our agricultural team recently held their team conference where Darren Farrow and Robert Knott were awarded for their outstanding performance in Q1 2017.  Mark Gorton presented the awards and commented that these two Farmers had delivered consistent results and as such were well deserved.

Opportunities to join our Team

Two positions have now become available:

  • Technical Assistant
  • Purchasing Assistant

Please see our careers page for details of how to apply.

Ideal conditions for a free range chicken

Although we had rain last night –  much needed for our farmers, the chickens have loved the dry sandy soil that East Anglia offers, scratching at the soil as nature intended- what a life!

Turkey Time……..

Hard to believe that our free range turkeys are now coming onto the farms.  Growing and maturing as nature intended on our farms in East Anglia.