A more natural environment improves taste and quality

At TNP, we believe if we get our free range birds’ welfare right their superior taste and quality will come through automatically.

TNP goes to great lengths to ensure all its birds are comfortable and content – which is the reason we strive to match their on-farm environment with their natural surroundings as closely as possible.

It means TNP birds are happy birds – free to come and go as they wish. You will find:

  • Our woodland chickens and turkeys love to roam their mature and newly-planted woods to seek out insects, bugs and berries.
  • Our organic and corn fed chickens make the most of access to open pastures sown with herbs and cover crops – and enjoy the numerous butterflies, insects and moths they attract.
  • Our outdoor areas provide plenty of shelters and things of interest to keep the birds active.
  • Our birds enjoy loads of space – unlike most of their intensively-reared counterparts.
  • Our light, airy buildings are supplied with masses of fresh bedding, generous perches, warm straw bales and ‘toys’ for the birds to peck at and play with.
  • Our birds receive a nutritious cereal based diet – and are allowed to grow slowly and healthily, at their own speed.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.