TNP chickens – grown to the highest welfare standards

TNP chickens are free range and accredited by the RSPCA’s farm assurance and labelling scheme, grown strictly to standards set by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Poultry Scheme and Organic Farmers & Growers.

Specially produced for free range systems, TNP chickens benefit from a diet of wholesome feed and an abundance of insects, grubs and grasses – for which they forage across acres of open pastures. Breeds include traditional slow growing strains; and our farm continuously trials different varieties for suitability.

TNP, unlike most free range chicken producers, uses a number of growing systems, including corn fed, woodland and organic.

Free range corn fed chickens

Reared in purpose-built, environmentally enriched mobile or static housing, our free range corn fed chickens have access to open pastures renowned for their health-giving herbs and numerous sheltered areas.

Our buildings – spacious, airy and with plenty of natural daylight – house a host of home comforts, from generous perches, ‘toys’ for the birds to peck at and play with and warm straw bales on which they rest and relax.

All TNP corn fed chickens are renowned for their rich yellow skin, succulent meat and superior quality – the result of nutritious, maize-based feed, plenty of insects and vegetation, and a stress-free lifestyle.

Free range woodland chickens

At TNP, we aspire to provide an environment for our free range woodland chickens which comes as close to that of their original, forest-dwelling ancestors as it is possible to get.

In mature and newly planted woods, complete with shelters, drinking points and perching sites, the birds are free to roam, forage and express their natural behaviour.

Working with the Woodland Trust, we have planted more than 10,000 trees across many farms, including, most recently, numerous native species.

Our woodland birds – all are specially selected, slow-growing breeds – receive a balanced cereal-based diet. When fully mature and finished at a minimum of 56 days, they produce a full-flavour meat of unrivalled taste, quality and texture.

Organic free range chickens

Grown to Organic Farmers & Growers standards, TNP organic free range chickens are in a class of their own – and for many reasons.

However, perhaps the most important is their habitat – wide, open meadows sown with a mix of therapeutic herbs that attract clouds of nutritious insects, butterflies and moths.

Here, from dawn to dusk our chickens forage, while making full use of handy perches, drinking points and many entertaining pecking ‘toys’.

All TNP organic chickens are slow-growing traditional varieties. Finished in small flocks on a diet of specially-formulated, organic feed, they are grown in mobile houses for a minimum of 71 days – by which time their taste and texture is simply superb.

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