Award Winning!

July , 2019

Late June we were awarded with a Good Turkey award from Compassion in World Farming in Brussels and on Thursday 4th. July we were awarded Poultry Business of The Year at The National Egg and Poultry Awards held in London.   Two fantastic achievements which endorses what we do best.  

Having been established over 30 years ago our core believes remain unchanged that animal welfare is at the heart of all agricultural decisions.

Recent Posts

September , 2022

We are all deeply saddened to hear of the death of our Queen and our heartfelt sympathy goes out to her family at what will be an incredibly difficult time. For the majority of people alive today across the world, we have never known anything different other than the Queen as our Head of State […]

June , 2022

With huge advances in vaccine technology, Mark Gorton looks at the path towards protection against avian influenza in the UK. Over the past six months we have seen an unprecedented number of avian influenza (AI) cases. Despite the industry’s best efforts to keep it under control millions of birds have had to be culled. Clearly […]

January , 2022

As a company, we are recognised for making small changes on the land we farm that can make a big difference to the environment immediately around us. This year has seen us planting specific seed mixtures thatprovide habitats and food sources to create biodiversity on farmland. After lengthy discussions and advice from seed providers such […]