Zimbabwean Visit

At the end of March Anna, the girls, myself and a group of friends left Heathrow bound for Zimbabwe. The purpose of the trip was to visit the in laws, to see some of the sites Zimbabwe has to offer, such as Vic Falls and to spend some time visiting the schools and orphans Anna’s charity supports.

Visiting the schools was a real privilege and was a very humbling experience. The contrasts between our society and theirs were massive. In one school that we support, some of the children had a 2.5 hour walk just to get there in the morning, and in some cases – barefoot! It was evident that some of them were malnourished too, but despite this we were met with nothing but smiles and excitement.

All of the children consider themselves lucky to be able to go to school and we were very impressed by their individual abilities. We met all of the children we support and to be able to see the difference it is making to their lives was very emotional for everyone.

The trip has made everyone even more determined to help as many children as possible and to support the schools too. We took things with us that we take for granted such as footballs and P.E kit which for the school children there mean the world – they play football with a bread bag full of paper!

One school in particular was operating from a building that was condemned 15 years ago, it had no roof and looked like it would collapse onto the class at any time. There is no money to do anything about it and so when it rains, school closes!

As a separate project, we are going to try and raise enough money to be able to repair this building and to put a roof on it so that it is fully useable.

I think it is probably quite a common feeling amongst people who have visited areas of depravation in that what you are doing doesn’t seem like enough, especially when over here we have so much. But, every child we sponsor who leaves school with a proper education will be able to help themselves out of the poverty trap and in turn will be able to help others. So, our help might only be a drop in the ocean but to the individual children it is life changing.

If anyone would like to know more about our visit or would like to help sponsor a child please visit www.mudekafoundation.com